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DarkSend+ transactions radically bloat the blockchain?

A block is mostly composed of tx's since the block header is relatively small. The latest method of going through several masternodes therefore increases our chain size by a factor of the number of masternodes used since each is a tx.
On top of that, amounts have to be broken into components, e.g. 26 = 10 + 5 + 5 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 as shown in the image here. That's additional bloat on top of that, something like another ~5X depending on the amount.
Somebody can correct me here, but the full impact would be the product of those two since they're independent effects. So sending those 26 DRK through 8 masternodes is ~40X bloat (relative to Bitcoin)? That seems much worse than Zerocoin or CryptoNote, which are something like ~10X due to their proofs and signatures.
The real problem may be the incentive structure. Since a user never really knows if the masternodes are malicious, a rational one might just keep on DarkSending again and again if they have no immediate need to spend. This makes sense from their point of view because it drives down the probability of privacy loss, but it further bloats the chain. We can probably stop this with fees, but it doesn't stop the inherent bloat problem.
I hope Evan or another dev can reply to this with technical details and calculations. This isn't a problem right now since DRK is only being used for trading, but once DarkSend+ is out of beta it could be an issue.
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